Legacy Tokens

Keep Your Name and Legacy Alive in Outer Space

Have you ever thought about how you can leave a legacy? Well, now you can! With Humanity's Legacy to the Universe Foundation Hulu-F.com, we offer legacy tokens that we place on probes for exoplanet missions. We work with different organizations to preserve and help inform others about the heritage of humanity.


Become a Part of Human History

Even if the earth were long gone, your legacy would still be intact. As the tokens reach an exoplanet or float in outer space, pieces of human history are preserved for future generations and space travelers to discover and tell others about us. Through this process, mankind’s heritage will be kept alive for eternity.

Get in Touch With Us

Join us and let’s preserve humanity’s legacy together. If you want to know more about our mission, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.