About Us

Providing People With an Oportunity to Leave a Legacy

Humanity's Legacy to the Universe Foundation Hulu-F.com is an organization dedicated to providing everyone with a means to leave a legacy forever. We will provide Legacy Units and have them sent out to space on the next exoplanet mission for other beings to find.  Support us in our mission to leave a legacy for mankind.


The Planetary Society

Spearheaded by Bill Nye, The Planetary Society is dedicated and focused on exploring other planets. The Humanity’s Legacy of the Universe Foundation Hulu-F.com wants to boost this mission by sending Legacy Units out past the known planets.

SETI Organization

The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence organization is located in Palo Alto, California. They provide means for us to search for other beings outside of our galaxy. The Humanity’s Legacy of the Universe Foundation Hulu-F.com intends to expand the effort by spreading out Legacy Units for extraterrestrials to find.


The Arch Mission

Nova Spivack’s organization is developing the materials that will be used to put the Legacy Unit together. They are crafting the most durable and survivable material for the units to last in space.

Support Our Mission

You can get in touch with us for more information about our services and tokens. Together, we will leave a legacy for future generations to teach about mankind.