Have You Done Anything Significant Recently For Yourself Or YOUR FAMILY

Some of Us Have Been Preparing to Send Our Legacy to The Universe For Eternity 

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Have You Done Anything Significant For Yourself Or YOUR FAMILY RECENTLY

Some of Us Have Been Preparing for Our Legacy To Ensure Our Legacy Lasts for All Eternity

Reimagining Human History Through Time Capsules in Space

Do you want to have your personal legacy message about yourself and your loved ones engraved on a unique little token? If so, have your message engraved on our Legacy Units that get sent to the next exoplanet!

The HuLU-F foundation (fundation) is dedicated to putting our individual Legacy Units in the next voyager type mission that leaves our galaxy. Your message will be passed on to the voyagers and then to a planet with possible intelligent life, and maybe even get passed on endlessly to the next galaxies. This is a chance for you to have an established existence forever.

Our Team

We are just formulating a team to allow anyone to put their legacy units in the next spacecraft to leave our galaxy.

Our History

Drawing on previous work from organizations like The Planetary Society, SETI, NASA, and the Arch Mission, we are developing means to put each of our individual names and our personal legacy statements on a survivable medium to float in space. We each can have our "note in a bottle" floating in the “sea of outer space" forever. Hence, our Human Legacy in the Universe or HuLU-F Foundation has a mission for eternity.

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Our Mission

We are focused on being a vehicle for everyone and anyone who would like to have their legacy out in space for the next generations of space travelers to learn about us.

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Operational Game Plan

Help Your/Our Cause

For 37 dollars you can join our foundation. Your name or your loved one’s name will be on the list to get your Legacy Unit on the next mission to the far reaches of space! Be early on the list and join us in this venture.


Frankski – devoted founder of this noble foundation.

Your contribution of $37.00 get's your name on the list of those who will be able to put their Legacy Units in the next vehicle headed to outer space. The final price per Legacy Unit in the space vehicle is being determined in the next few months. Various agencies, companies, and foundations are being partnered with to ensure the most cost-effective method to accomplish our mission.

To Ensure Your Name Makes It on the List

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